Mice Problems in Your Home

Mice can cause all sorts of trouble in your home. They harness diseases and cause damage to walls, wiring, furniture and other places throughout the home. As such, it is important to extinguish mice as soon as possible.

While mice are known to breed quickly, even a small infestation can turn into a significant infestation over a very short span of time. They can contaminate food through their droppings, spreading disease that can cause food poisoning. This is why it’s important to seek a professional mouse exterminator to fight off and extinguish the damage and diseases mice can cause.

Sentry Pest Solutions Has the Answer

Our team of experts take their knowledge in developing a mouse control program that meets the needs of the home or business in addressing their particular mouse problem. You can count on our technicians to be courteous, professional, licensed and certified. At Sentry Pest Solutions, we pride ourselves on quickly responding to the needs of each and every customer. We schedule appointments that are convenient for you.

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